Innovation Circular Rolling Knife

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Product features

  • SPECIAL DESIGN :This knife combines two of humanity's most important inventions to date: the knife and the wheel: creating the perfect Rolling Knife. Designed as an alternative to the standard chef's knife. Faster and more precise than scissors or a regular knife
  • MULTIPLE USE : this rolling knife has a sharp blade, it cuts a variety of food, such as beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, fruit and so on. It can slice, dice, and mince with a high level of precision .Cut various foods evenly and easily with the scissor like design. It helps you prepare a diner rapidly and save your time greatly.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE : never rusts. Is sharper than other brands products, good touch feeling and non slip.
  • MORE FUNNY:it runs along the entire circumference of the handle,allowing you to roll it on the cutting board like a toy unicycle.A knife that rolls easily through your food,giving you precision cutting and incredible power,all in one motion.Perfect dicing,slicing,chopping and mincing each and every time.This knife will quickly become your new favorite companion in the kitchen
  • MORE FRIENDLY : to use minimal force to move cut various foods, avoid excessive force and sprained wrist. We present a hook as an exquisite for you, after using and cleaning the knife, you can hang it on the hook
Product description
  • Instructions for use:
  • Note:
  • For safety whilst using slow down cutting when knife approaches fingers.
  • The Brake keeps blade from freely rotating
  •  For comfort & security, place your hand around the top section of the casing with a secure grip and have thumb resting on thumb rest.
  • Place blade in contact with cutting su rface and roll gently back and forth over food item.For large food such as carrots,feed food slowly toward the blade while rolling rather than moving blade to the food.
  • For smaller objects such as herbs and garlic,roll blade as desired.
  • For best results, roll blade without lifting it unnecessarily.
  • If blade slips or stops rolling, relax pressure on casing or lift unit and reposition on cutting surface.
  • To chop, use the trigger/brake: Lift brake upward with forefinger to chop, release for rolling action. Minimal pressure is required.

Package included

  • 1X Rolling Knife 
  • 1X S hanging hook

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