2 in 1 Precision Disc and Hybrid Fiber Stylus

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Product features

  • EXTREME PRECISION: Create amazingly precise notes, graphic sketches, and art with the most precise stylus on the market. Dimples Excel disc stylus delivers extreme precision and the transparent disc let you see through on the screen of where exactly you are pointing. It is especially designed to mark, copy, and paste when you are reading; take notes, write emails with incredible responsiveness and accuracy; draw, sketch and paint with creation APP on Kindle, iPad or other tablets.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: The stylus is made of solid aluminum with rubber grip on the holding area to give you more control and reduce hand fatigue. Specially added weight in the aluminum tube of the stylus to make you feel more balanced and substantial when you are writing or drawing.
  • BRING CALMNESS: The silicone connection between the clear disc and the tip tube helps to dampen the touching sound and absorb shock when touching the screen. The means your strokes will be quieter and your screen surface will be protected when note taking or drawing.
  • UNIVERSAL: All Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android Tablets, Android Phones, Samsung Galaxy, E- readers and other Capacitive Touch Screens.

Product description

  • Length: 5.5"(140mm);
  • Disc diameter: 0.27" (6.8mm)
  • Fiber tip Diameter: 0.24 (6mm)
  • Weight: 24g 
  • Materiel: Made of solid aluminum with comfortable rubber grip
  • Color: Dark Blue, Gold, Red, Light Blue, Silver, Black

Package included

  • 1*2 in 1 Precision Disc and Hybrid Fiber Stylus



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